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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a complementary and holistic technique that can help you:


  • Raise your self-esteem

  • Gain self-confidence

  • Eliminate success blocks

  • Remove limiting beliefs

  • Realise your goals and dreams more easily

  • Build your business

  • Relieve physical problems

  • Deal with emotional problems gently and safely

  • Be free of fears or phobias

  • Relieve anxiety and stress

  • Find peace

  • Feel good!


And much more...


I am an EFT therapist who specialises in personal and professional development. Come here for help with fears, phobias and much more. EFT at Rainbows takes place in a confidential and friendly environment and lasts for about an hour. And if you don't feel you've made any significant improvements by the end of your treatment, your fee will be refunded. So if you have a problem, why not contact me and see if EFT can help you?

EFT Treatments at Rainbows

EFT News:

EFT treatments are available now at Rainbows in Beverley. Come and achieve freedom from fears, phobias, physical and emotional problems. Whatever you're struggling with why not contact me and see if EFT can help you?

"I absolutely loved the tapping of EFT. Made me feel amazing/happy."

“Before I came I felt scatty, fearful and anxious. Now I feel peaceful and content, not fearful."

“I feel like a trouble has been lifted. I feel positive about my future.”

“The hand-out enabled me to continue on from the session.”

"I got more than I expected. I didn't think I would get so much from it."

“It has exceeded my expectations of how I would feel coming out.”

"I feel really uplifted. Like walking on air."

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To learn how to use EFT for yourself, why not try

'The Rainbows Guide to

Emotional Freedom Techniques'

Get your copy now.

Rainbows Guide To Emotional Freedom Techniques (How to do EFT)

The fee for a 1 hour EFT session is currently £35

EFT Treatments at Rainbows