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We all experience 'disruptions' to our body's energy system from time to time and Emotional Freedom Techniques is an energy-based therapy that can help.


It builds on work that was begun thousands of years ago by Chinese doctors who recognised and named all the meridians (energy channels) that run through our bodies. The Chinese then devised acupuncture, (a form of tapping into those channels) to help re-align the energy and release the blockages that led to ill health thus promoting both healing and a feeling of well-being.


Emotional Freedom Techniques uses a system of tapping on the face and upper body and is a gentle (and often fun!) holistic therapy that can bring freedom from the emotional and other issues that trouble all of us from time to time as well as helping to relieve stress and anxiety.


The maxim of EFT is 'try it on everything', so if you have a physical or emotional problem, a fear or phobia, or are suffering from anxiety or stress and nothing else seems to work for you, why not have a look at the EFT Treatments page and see if EFT could help?

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." (EFT discovery statement)

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Emotional Freedom Techniques at Rainbows

EFT News:

EFT treatments are available now at Rainbows in Beverley. Come and achieve freedom from fears, phobias, physical and emotional problems. Whatever you're struggling with why not contact me and see if EFT can help you?

"Yvonne, I would like to say thank you very much for helping me to overcome my fear of flying. It did help."

"I feel much more positive as a result of the EFT and I’m sure it will continue.”

"I felt pretty traumatised by events from the past. Now I feel light - able to 'float out'!"

“The pain in my hip was down to 50% of it’s normal level last night, and now it’s down 80%.”

“I haven't felt this good in a year!”

To learn how to use EFT for yourself, why not try

'The Rainbows Guide to

Emotional Freedom Techniques'

Get your copy now.

Rainbows Guide To Emotional Freedom Techniques (How to do EFT)

"I got more than I expected. I didn't think I would get so much from it."

“It has exceeded my expectations of how I would feel coming out.”

Emotional Freedom Techniques at Rainbows