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Taking an empowerment will empower you with the energies of a given object or subject. For instance, you might use a crystal empowerment to activate the positive energy of certain crystals within yourself, or a shaman empowerment to activate shaman energy. You then use these energies through visualisation, meditation and use of the symbols to help you live your life more consciously and/or to bring about a desired effect.


You cannot use an empowerment to try to heal another person. Nor can you set up a healing practice just by receiving an empowerment. Empowerments are there for you to help yourself first.


Empowerments are for everyone. You don't need to be Reiki attuned to benefit from the energies of an empowerment.


Rainbows' empowerments will be made available at given times when you can receive yours along with everyone else. You can use the link on the right to book yours. If you can't make the specified time you may download the manual of your choice from the menu on the left (after the event) and take your empowerment at a day and time to suit you. The manuals contain full instructions for receiving your empowerment and details of how to use your new energies and symbols once you have received them.


Empowerment groups will be run at Rainbows later on in the year so keep watching this page for details if you're interested in those. You may also like to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date with what's happening.

If you're not available at the time of the empowerment you can still receive it. To receive the empowerment of your choice simply click on the link below and visit the page to download your free manual. You may then take your empowerment at a time and day suitable for you.

1 - The Magic of Merlin


Online empowerments are free. A small fee will be

charged for any Empowerment Evenings

at Rainbows to cover costs.


More empowerments will become available as and when they are given to me, so keep watching this page for more details.

Receiving Empowerments

Check out the PDF below for instructions on how to receive a distant empowerment.

Keep checking here for details of our next empowerment

Empowerments from Rainbows

I'm looking to run another Magic of Merlin empowerment soon via the Facebook page. Please let me know via there if you're interested and I'll organise a date.

Empowerments from Rainbows