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Rainbows' forum is a new venture for me. I hope to make it a valuable resource for you to find information and be able to chat with like-minded people on all sorts of spiritual subjects. The blog will be moved there too, as it's easier for me to update that way.


I'm going to use the forum as a way to replace our Facebook page and all of the groups eventually. This should allow me to interact more closely and easily with you all. Additionally, any posts made on the forum are just between us. No one will be able to see your posts unless they're a registered member of the forum. (I'm vetting member requests as they come in.) So, unlike Facebook, you won't have to worry about your 'friends', 'friends' of 'friends', or others knowing what you're posting.


Forum members who've visited Rainbows can also ask to be added to special boards for the groups or therapies they've attended. This means that Rainbows' Reiki people will have a private place to talk Reiki, the Meditation Magic people will have a private place to talk meditation and so forth.


If you haven't been here for a group or treatment yet, don't worry. There will be plenty of other boards on the forum to keep you entertained and a place for you to chat in the 'General' category, and on other open boards.


If you'd like to join us in this exciting new phase of our development, just follow the link and sign up. I promise to add you to the members list as soon as I can but do be aware that it may take a while if I'm offline or working.

Rainbows' Forum

Rainbows' Forum

Forum News:

There are now lots of new  posts on the 'Law of Attraction' board. The  Reiki group is now up and running and I'm adding blog posts and articles as quickly as I can.


Please bear with me if it takes a while to process your registration or group request as I obviously have work commitments too, and I never have my phone or computer switched on while I'm working.