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Magic of Merlin empowerments are suitable for anyone who wants to  empower themselves with the wonderful and magical energy of Merlin.


You can use this empowerment and the symbols contained within it in many different ways, to help you:

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If you've taken part in this event or taken an empowerment via the manual afterwards,

please be kind enough to send feedback for me.

Thanks very much!

Magic of Merlin Empowerments from Rainbows

Magic of Merlin

The first Magic of Merlin empowerment took place on Tuesday 2 July.  Feedback so far has indicated that it was very successful and enjoyable for those who took part.


If there's enough interest I may run this one again.

If you've missed the event you can still receive a Magic of Merlin empowerment. Simply download the free manual below. Full instructions are within so that you can take yours at a day and time suitable for you.


"I have seen Merlin in my meditation crystal and also when doing Reiki get lots of balls/spheres if taking energy out of someone. And that was just from the empowerment!"


"Had amazing warmth/heat in root and sacral chakras. Felt was leaning on sword. Lots of images of castles, forests etc."


"Better than Guy Fawkes!"


"Two friends commented I looked glowing this morning so I told them about the empowerment  meditation."

  • Live more positively and consciously

  • Protect what is yours

  • Release attachments that no longer serve you

  • Cut through negativity

  • Banish fears and phobias

  • Become more creative in dealing with problems and situations

  • Allow self-healing to begin

  • Absorb and understand information more quickly and effectively

  • Master your emotions

  • Bring more peace and harmony into your life

  • Enhance your energy levels

  • Relax and meditate more successfully

  • Become more intuitive

  • Receive answers to your questions

  • Reconcile both male and female energies within yourself

  • Allow yourself to manifest your dreams


And much more...

Magic of Merlin online empowerments are free

If you're already Reiki attuned (Level Two or above) and would like to take a Magic of Merlin Reiki Practitioner attunement, please visit this page and contact me to book yours.

Magic of Merlin Empowerments from Rainbows