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Therapy and Workshop News from Rainbows

Prepare for the return of the Summer days and the coming of your dreams. Learn how to step forward into brighter times.

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Therapy/Workshop News from Rainbows

The paragraphs to the right, list the next workshops currently being run at Rainbows.


The links on the far right take you to the relevant pages so that you can see more and decide if a workshop or treatment is suitable for you.


If you're interested in a workshop or group, do check the relevant page for dates to make sure you are available on that day and at that time.


Treatments, and attunements are done on a one-to-one basis at a time and day to suit you. If you contact me we can arrange them.


If you have a Facebook account, I'd be glad of a review if you've been here and were happy with the services. You can do this here...


Likewise, you can leave a review on Google here...


Thank you!

Note: Prices for each therapy or workshop are at the bottom of the relevant page.

News from Rainbows

Therapy/Workshop News from Rainbows

Festivals and Feast Days Workshops

The next 'Festivals and Feast Days' full-day workshop is 'Spring into Sumer'. This takes place on Saturday 28 April at Rainbows in Beverley. Come along for a day of fun, crafty stuff, and 'me time'. Follow the link at the top to see more, or contact me to book your place now.


Pathways to Wisdom Workshops

Our next 'Pathways to Wisdom' half-day workshop, 'Aboriginal Wisdom' will take place on Saturday 9 June here at Rainbows in Beverley. This workshop includes information on the traditions and cultures of the Aboriginal people, two lovely meditations and personal wisdom for you from the insightful 'Oracle of the Dreamtime' cards. Check the link above or at the side to see more about the Pathways workshops and contact me now to book.


'Don't Panic!' Mindfulness Group

A new group began on 4 April. This group is full. However, the next one will begin towards the end of May. If you're interested and can make a Wednesday evening from 6.30 to 8.30 pm for five weeks, please contact me now.


Positively Me! Ten Week Course

A new 'Positively Me!' course will begin when there are enough people interested. If you think this would interest you and you're free on a Thursday evening from 6.30 to 9.00 pm for ten weeks, let me know.


Meditation Magic Group

I've had some interest now in running a new Meditation Magic group. This will be a five-week group to introduce you to the benefits of regular meditation. If you'd like to join us, do contact me and I'll organise a new group to start mid-May. If you've already contacted me, can you please do so again as I've been having problems with emails and may have missed yours.

Workshop people frequently ask about the diffuser I use, so here's a handy link so that you can see for yourselves.

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