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A brief description of each of the 'Pathways to Wisdom' series of personal development workshops. If you would like to join us on one of these inspirational workshops, please contact me to book your place.


Angel Wisdom - For information about the Angels and wisdom from Doreen Virtue's beautiful 'Healing with the Angels' oracle cards.


Crystal Wisdom - For information about crystals, their origins and uses, and wisdom from the inspiring 'Crystal Therapy' oracle cards.


Egyptian Wisdom - For information about Ancient Egypt, Egyptian Gods, people and customs, and wisdom from the intriguing 'Egyptian Pyramid' oracle cards.


Chakra Wisdom - For information about the chakras, what they are, and how to balance your own chakras plus wisdom from the motivational ‘Chakra Insight’ cards.


Aboriginal Wisdom - For information about the Aboriginal people and their culture and customs, and wisdom from the beautiful ‘Oracle of the Dreamtime’ cards.


Contact me to book your place on any of these workshops or check the link below for details of more Pathways to Wisdom workshops.

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Pathways to Wisdom Workshops at Rainbows

"Before I came here I was ready for it!" "Now I feel ready for what is to come."

"I reviewed my life and current actions and as a result I am much more 'open'."

"My favourite part was the effect the meditation had on me emotionally and physically."

"The workshop made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I forgot about being ill for a while."

"I enjoyed the workshop. It was easy to join in with."

"I wasn't sure what to expect but the workshop was thoroughly enjoyable. It exceeded any expectation."

Pathways to Wisdom


9.30 to 12.30 noon

(Please email me to book)

The fee for a Pathways to Wisdom workshop is currently £35




Angel Wisdom

4 January


Crystal Wisdom

8 February


Egyptian Wisdom

7 March


Chakra Wisdom

11 April


Aboriginal Wisdom

13 June


Archangel Wisdom

4 July


Ocean Wisdom

29 August


Native American Wisdom

5 September


Faery Wisdom

10 October


Yuletide Wisdom

28 November

Pathways to Wisdom Workshops at Rainbows