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Pathways to Wisdom are a series of half-day personal development/self-help workshops to introduce you to different beings and cultures and allow you to access their wisdom.


These motivational and inspirational workshops use guided meditation and oracle cards to help you to find the answers to your questions, access the wisdom contained within other cultures and discover how to access your own store of inner wisdom.


Our gentle, yet powerful self-help techniques and carefully designed exercises can help you begin to find the answers you seek.


The workshops are run at Rainbows in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and last for approximately three hours with a half-hour break mid-time. They are suitable for you, whether you're new to personal development or not. You don't have to be experienced at meditation either. All our meditations are gentle and expertly guided.


Each workshop covers a different theme and all are fun and inspiring. You will be introduced to the concept of finding wisdom not only within the oracle cards but also by going within yourself, a very empowering exercise.


Workshops include awareness exercises, two guided meditations, hand-outs, group sharing, laughter and fun and much more.


If you'd like to join us and receive your own wisdom, visit the workshop details page for a list of workshop titles and dates.


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Pathways to Wisdom Workshops at Rainbows

"I wasn't sure what to expect but the workshop was thoroughly enjoyable. It exceeded any expectation."

Pathways to Wisdom:

are a series of personal development/self-help workshops that run throughout the year at Rainbows in Beverley. Check out the Workshop Details page for details of individual workshops.

"I enjoyed the workshop. It was easy to join in with."

"The workshop made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I forgot about being ill for a while."

"My favourite part was the effect the meditation had on me emotionally and physically."

"I reviewed my life and current actions and as a result I am much more 'open'."

"Before I came here I was ready for it!" "Now I feel ready for what is to come."

Workshop Details

Pathways to Wisdom Workshops at Rainbows

The fee for Pathways to Wisdom is currently £35

Pathways to Wisdom


Saturday 11 April

9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Come and join us for some wisdom, meditation

and me time!

Places are limited so

please book now.

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