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Reiki Attunements (Magic of Merlin) at Rainbows

  • Enhance your healing abilities

  • Work with the energies and symbols to enable more intuitive healing

  • Send healing distantly

  • Add a different set of tools to your Reiki toolbox

  • Enhance your own life and wellbeing

  • Enhance the wellbeing of your clients

  • Achieve mental and emotional healing

  • Work on your own personal growth and development

  • Clear old patterns or negative habits

  • Protect yourself and your home

  • Bring balance to your life or to a situation

  • Encourage creativity

  • Develop your intuition

  • Send healing to past or future issues

  • Find answers to your questions

  • Manifest your dreams


And much more, so why not contact me to book your attunement?

Magic of Merlin Reiki attunements are available to you if you've progressed to level two Reiki (any Reiki tradition) or beyond, and wish to add something new and special to your Reiki toolbox.


Featuring a new set of symbols and energies to add to your work, Magic of Merlin Reiki attunements can help you:

Merlin Attunement Leaflet

Reiki Attunements (Magic of Merlin) at Rainbows

Attunement News:

Magic of Merlin Reiki  attunements and training to both Practitioner and Master levels are now available at

Rainbows in Beverley.

All attunements are done one-to-one so you can choose a time and day suitable to you.


To book your Magic of Merlin Reiki attunement please contact me.

I'll then contact you by email to arrange a suitable time and date.

Note: These attunements do not interfere with your normal Reiki. They simply sit on top of' whatever Reiki you already have, and are a very useful tool to bring new energies into play as and when you wish to use them in your work.

Magic of Merlin Reiki Attunements are

available on two levels.


Practitioner level

is suitable for you if you've received a Reiki level two (any tradition) attunement and are already familiar with working with symbols and energies.


Master level

is suitable for you if you've received a Reiki Master level attunement (any tradition) and are familiar with passing on attunements and teaching Reiki.

Please note that you will need to have received a Magic of Merlin Empowerment to take the Practitioner level attunement, and both an Empowerment and Practitioner level attunement to take the Master level attunement.

Click on the link below for your free Empowerment.

The fee for a Magic of Merlin attunement is currently £50

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