Festivals and Feast Days News

Currently there are no workshops running but do keep

an eye on our Blog for more news when we start again.

25 January - Letting In The Light 

Celebrate the end of winter and the returning of the light. Use the light to guide your path and set your 'intentions' for the New Year.


21 March - Step into Spring

Allow yourself to be reborn. Clear away negative energies and gain a positive new outlook.


25 April - Spring into Summer

Prepare for the return of the summer days and step forward into brighter times.


20 June - Midsummer Magic

Celebrate your successes and the things you are grateful for. Make summer wishes for your future.


25 July - Abundant Times

Celebrate the beginning of abundance in your life and look at ways to transform yourself and your life.


19 September - Mellow Fruitfulness

Bring peace and balance into your life and look at ways of reaping your own personal harvest.


31 October - Spirit and Soul

Enhance your spirituality and use divination and meditation to guide you to the fulfilment of your dreams.


12 December - Christmas Capers

Celebrate the season of Christmas with 'Christmas Capers'. Reflect on the past year and rejoice in your achievements.

Please note: Workshops take place at Rainbows in Beverley on a Saturday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, bi-monthly.

The fee for a Festivals and Feast days workshop is £40.

This is payable by BACS the day before the workshop.