Positively Me! Workshops News

Currently there are no workshops running but do keep

an eye on the Blog for more news when we start again.

Positively Me! An Introduction - One-day Workshop

This covers the basics i.e. Lifelines, visualisation, and awareness exercises and also includes creating and using affirmations, and more.

Positively Me! An Introduction Half-day Workshop

This covers the basics on Lifelines, visualisation, and awareness exercises for beginners.


Positively Abundant! Half-day Workshop

Covers the basics, but with the emphasis on seeing abundance everywhere and learning how to create more of it in your own life.


Positively Successful! Half-day Workshop

The basics plus ways to find your perfect work and success.


Positively Relaxed! Half-day Workshop

Also covers Lifelines etc. and focuses on learning how to de-stress and relax.


Positively Me! Weekend Workshop

The original weekend workshop. A very powerful weekend covering all the basics (Lifelines, affirmations, awareness exercises etc.) and including positive programming, confidence building, self-acceptance, anger releasing, forgiveness, creating a new life and more.