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News at Last!

It's taken me a fair while, but I've had a good look around and decided to publish the new 'Positively' book myself. First of all it's going to be on Amazon via paperback and then there'll be a Kindle edition too, for those of you who prefer reading that way.

It's been submitted to Amazon and they've okayed it and sent me a proof copy which I diligently read and made a few changes. I think it's as good as it can get now, but have ordered a second proof copy just to have a last read through and be sure. The second copy arrived yesterday so I'm going to spend this week reading it and then if it's looking good, it'll be published soon after that. The Kindle version will follow within a week. (It takes extra formatting for Kindle.)

Eventually I'll submit the book to Barnes and Noble, Waterstones etc. too, but for now this is the best option to get it out into the world. Hopefully most of you reading this will be able to buy it from Amazon, or know someone who can buy it for you if not.

I'd really like to see it out there and finished with as it's been a year in the making and I think it's about time now. This was my 2019 project for National Novel Writing Month, last November and I've been working on it and refining it ever since. Of course, November's fast approaching once again and I'd like to begin a new project then too.

So here it is... Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 'The Mystic Harbour Chronicles'. A series of books in the cosy mystery style (think Jessica Fletcher, with the odd witch and wizard thrown in for good measure). The first one of the series, 'Books, Brew and a Body' will be my NaNo project for 2020. I'm going to be aiming for 50,000 words in November, as NaNo demands, and then hopefully take it to around 80,000 by the time it's finished.

I've already been playing with the planner (there could be ten books in the series so I've had to create a digital 'series bible' so I don't forget anything. (See below.)

I've got my beat sheet done and characters nearly sorted so we'll see where it leads us... I will try my best to update the blog each day during November to let you know what progress has been made and how I'm doing, and I'm sure you'll be among the first to know if I reach my 50,000 word target!

Meanwhile, here's a little teaser of the new 'Positively' book. Can you tell what it is yet? ;)

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