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News from Rainbows 23 June 2020

Obviously the groups and workshops that take place here at Rainbows, are not going to be back to normal for some time. However, the Universe being the wonderful thing that it is, has conspired to introduce me to Zoom, which is an online platform for groups and meetings. I've had a good play around with it and it seems like a wonderful way to meet people distantly and still deliver Rainbows' aims of helping people to live more positively and reduce stress and anxiety. To this end, I've set up a couple of Zoom meetings a week to begin with and we'll see where we go from there. Meditation Magic Group Our new Meditation Magic group is already up and running, and now takes place each Tuesday evening for half-an-hour. This is your chance to leave behind the stresses and strains of the day and just relax and find peace. Group runs from 6.30 to 7.00 pm. Positivitea This is another half-hour group on a Wednesday afternoon which is simply a tea and chat group. Bring along your favourite cuppa and let's talk of positive things for a while. The perfect antidote to today's doom-laden news! Group runs from 3.00 to 3.30 pm. 'Don't Panic!' Mindfulness Group I'm looking to begin another of these on a Wednesday evening soon. Again, it will only be for half-an-hour but hopefully I can show you a little about how mindfulness can help you on a daily basis. Group time will be 6.30 to 7.00 pm. I'll let you know here once I'm ready to begin. These groups are free to attend for now but you'll need to join our Facebook group Rainbows Zoom Groups and Meetings to receive the links to join in. I'm updating this each week with new Zoom links for each event and posting details of any new ones there too.

Other News Reiki Treatments

I'm now doing distant Reiki treatments (just the same as regular ones but you don't actually have to come here to receive your Reiki). These are going very well so please contact me soon if you would like to book yours.

Positively Me! Coaching

I'm also taking new Positively Me! personal coaching clients too. (via Zoom obviously). Sessions run an hour a week for ten weeks. Check out the coaching page to see if it's for you and contact me soon if you're interested.

Website News

Hopefully you'll have noticed (!) our lovely new website. It really felt like it was time for a change and the old site host was not as good as it could be anymore, so I looked around and decided to take myself off to Wix instead. The result is what you see here. I do hope you like it. There will be many more improvements to come over the next few weeks, once I've got my head around it all a bit. Meanwhile, have a good poke around and let me know what you think...

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