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No News is No News!

It looks like we've come to a standstill with the new book. Unfortunately, the publishers who published my last book and were due to publish the new one, are ceasing trading from 31 August. Such a shame. Another victim of the current situation I'm sure. The new publisher they've suggested isn't a match for me so I'm currently on the lookout for another one.

I'm currently going through every different publisher I can find out there and working my socks off to see if I can get sorted. I'm currently in email contact with someone who may want to take me on but we'll have to wait and see what the outcome is.

Meanwhile, if you still haven't got a copy of 'Positively Me!', you only have until the end of August to get one from Amazon or they won't be there. Go here to get yours.

I do still have some copies here so if you live locally, I can get one to you. Just email me and ask. You can pay by BACS and I will adhere to social distancing guidelines for delivery.

I've done another read-through and edit of the second book and it's really looking good so let's keep our fingers crossed and see shall we? I'm sure that the Universe is looking out for me and will send me something even better than I could have imagined! (Big smile emoji here.)

I'll keep you posted via here as soon as there's any good news for you.

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