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News from Rainbows 22 July 2020

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I've been doing more updates and additions to the website this last couple of weeks. I'm really enjoying the look of the new site and I hope you are too. Do leave some love at the bottom of the post, or a comment if you'd like to.

Another new thing I've also been working on is a new app to go with the site. This will keep you in touch with Rainbows on your mobile when you're out and about and will include things that won't be added to the site such as a shop where you can buy (at the moment) gift vouchers for Rainbows services and workshops, a forum which will replace the old one, and new challenges for you to participate in.

The first challenge is the meditation one. This will challenge you to do five minutes meditation a day for twenty-one days. There is a different meditation for each day and a feedback form so that you can check your progress as you go through the days. It's already up and running so once you've downloaded the app, have a look and see if you think you can do it!

The next challenge will be a mindfulness one but that will take a little more organising so I'll let you know here when it's available.

I'm going to be charging for the challenges, but the cost will only be £1. This is payable by BACS (details on the challenge).

You can find the Rainbows app here.

In other news, the Meditation Magic group on Tuesday evening is still running and I'm really enjoying it. There have been distant Reiki treatments to keep me busy too. I know we're allowed to reopen our therapy businesses and some have already done so, but for now, I'm happy to carry on doing things distantly. I don't really feel safe having people here just yet until we are a little further out of the woods I think. Otherwise, I'm well, happy and enjoying life as always and I hope you are too. I'll post more when there's more to report. Meanwhile, stay happy and positive.

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