• Yvonne

Travelogue #1 Garden Delights

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

My journeys with my laptop have begun! Admittedly I didn't get very far today. Just to the garden this time. However, it's lovely out here at nearly 10.00 at night. The garden is warm with a very light breeze and no sound except for the lovely twittering of the swifts as they dart back and forth in a darkening sky.

The geraniums glow a bright red in the descending gloom, all well watered for the day and ready to sleep now (as am I) and they will wake again in the morning to delight me as I stand looking through the kitchen door nursing an enormous cup of tea. (You have to start the day with one of those, don't you?)

Having had a very busy day today, I'm really enjoying the peace and solitude out here. Somehow it makes me very grateful to have this small space to sit in while everyone else is inside watching the TV. I can be at peace now until tomorrow morning's chaos brings next door's cats, dogs, and children out to play again. Though I live in a lovely town, there's not too much of nature in the area where I live so this small garden is my haven of peace.

I hope you enjoy your own little space too...

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