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Travelogue #3 Show Me The Way to Llandudno

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Well hello from a very different place this time. Welsh Wales to be precise. A lovely little five-day mini coach holiday to lighten the spirits and give us a break from home. Not that I dislike home or anything. Quite the contrary! It's just nice to have a little getaway and this week would have been our annual trip to Jersey anyhow. So since we can't do that, we're here instead.

We set off at 7.00 yesterday from a cold and damp Beverley and had three stops during the day, (guess what I did?)

Well, it had to be done lol....

We're at the Grand Hotel. Not as grand as it's name would suggest but more than ample for our needs. We finally arrived in Llandudno to pouring rain though. After we got settled in our room, the most horrendous thunder and lightning set in. Wow! Lovely sunset though and we're overlooking the lovely bay with great views and a small balcony.

After a good night's sleep and breakfast, we're off out now exploring to see what we can see. Will let you know how it goes and report back. :)

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