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Win a Free, Signed 'Positively!' Paperback Book!

I'm very excited to tell you that the new 'Positively!' book's now ready for publication. I've done so many edits my fingers are keyboard-sore, but I think I've made it the best it can be now. In the next few days, we go live on Amazon in paperback and with a Kindle version.

To celebrate this (and the long year it's taken to finally finish,) I'm going to run a small competition on here. How it will work is this... Each day for a week, I'll show you a new picture of the finished book, which will show more of the cover every time, and the first person to guess the full title before it is shown here, will win a signed, complementary paperback copy. If there's a tie, I'll pick a winner at random.

You will have to subscribe to the blog to comment of course, but as soon as you think you know, add your comment and the date and time you made it under the relevant post and I'll see it as soon as I'm able.

You can enter from anywhere in the UK (due to current restrictions, I can't mail books abroad) and as soon as there is a winner, I'll announce it here and on Rainbows' Facebook page. Once I've let you know personally, I'll message you to ask for your address details and get your book posted out to you. If you're local to Beverley, I can drop it off through your letter box.

Once a winner's been announced I'll add a link here to the Amazon page so you can read more about the book and buy it if you wish. Meanwhile, here's your first photo and good luck everyone!

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