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At last the new book is finally finished and out into the world. It's taken a whole year from the first words being written, to me announcing the finished product. This is because I have been working very hard to make it the best it can be so that as many people as possible will enjoy reading (and hopefully benefit from) it.

As an avid reader of self-help and personal development books, it's always been a dream of mine to see a book of my own in print and I'm very glad I've made that journey. Of course, this is not the first personal development book I've written and it may not be the last one either. The Universe may nudge me yet again to write something else. Until then, I'm quite happy to carry on writing workshops, meditations, courses and more.

Meanwhile, below is a photo of the finished book. You can click on the photo to see it live online and of course, buy it if you wish. And please don't forget that likes and shares on here and on Rainbows' Facebook page are always appreciated in the hope that this little book will reach out to and help many people.;)

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