Reiki News...

Due to the current situation, Reiki treatments are being done distantly and Reiki attunements have had to be temporarily suspended.

If you're wondering 'What on earth is Reiki?' you've come to the right place. Read on and find out!


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal life-force energy’.


Reiki energy is a gentle, powerful energy to heal mind, spirit and life. It works on the principle that all illnesses and states of dis-eases in our lives are created first in the energy field around our body. They then show up in our physical body.


Reiki helps to heal by working on the energies surrounding and within our body to bring those energies back into balance and release any blockages. Once our energies are in balance and flowing freely, our body can begin to heal itself. Reiki is a safe and holistic therapy (it works on the whole of you) and is complementary to any other treatment you may be receiving.


Reiki can revitalise your body, mind and soul, de-toxify your system, balance your chakras, and begin a self-healing process that can lead to optimum health. Reiki is powerful, safe, relaxing, energising, and very enjoyable!


And you don’t need to be ill to benefit from a Reiki treatment. A Reiki treatment is the ultimate ‘chill-out’ experience and great for relieving stress and anxiety!


Visit the Reiki treatments page to see what's involved in a treatment at Rainbows, or the Reiki attunements page if you're interested in learning Reiki for yourself.