Reiki Attunement News...

Due to the current situation, Reiki attunements are not happening

at the moment. I'll post here as soon as things change. 

Reiki  is a safe, natural, healing energy and you don’t need any special qualities or qualifications to be attuned to Reiki. Everyone has the ability to channel Reiki energy once they've received their attunement and training from a Reiki Master.


A Reiki attunement allows you to channel Reiki energy for the benefit of yourself and others and will also help you along your spiritual path.


Reiki training courses and attunements at Rainbows take place over one day each (usually between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm). There's also a two-hour follow-up session about three weeks after your attunement, where you'll get the chance to do a sample treatment, ask questions and show your progress. Then you'll receive your certificate.


Sessions include your training, a Reiki attunement, guided meditation CD or MP3, and a full manual and certificate as well as ongoing support. Lunch is provided, as are refreshments throughout the day.


Training at Rainbows is always done one-to-one to ensure that you receive all you need from your session.


Once you've had your attunement, you will also be eligible to attend our popular Reiki Practice Sessions and Coffee Mornings, and benefit from sharing your experiences, learning new techniques and having the chance to give and receive Reiki in our very powerful group treatments.


There are four levels of Reiki taught at Rainbows. This is because not every student who takes a level three attunement wants to teach Reiki. However, Master level students must undertake catch-up sessions for all other levels if they have not been attuned by me to those levels.