Reiki Catch-up Session News...

Due to the current situation, Reiki catch-up sessions are not

allowed at the moment. I'll post here as soon as things change. 

Reiki catch-up courses are for you if you've already been attuned to Reiki but feel you need to brush up on your techniques or if you haven't used your Reiki for a while and are having trouble getting back into it.


If you feel confused about your Reiki or were attuned by another Reiki Master who's since moved away so you can't ask questions or receive support, you may also benefit from a catch-up course.


Reiki catch-up courses at Rainbows consist of half a day's training in Usui/Tibetan Reiki. There's one for each level (1, 2, 3, and Master) so you can take the level best suited to you. You'll be guided through the basics of Reiki at your level and be given tips and techniques for using it. You will also be able to ask any questions you might have and end the session by giving a half-hour assessment treatment.


In addition to your training on the day, you will receive a full Reiki manual for whatever level you're catching up on, plus ongoing support whenever you need it. You'll also be eligible to join our popular Reiki Practise Sessions and attend our Reiki Coffee Mornings and chat with like-minded Reiki souls.


If this sounds good to you, the please contact me to book your appointment.


Please note:

Catch-up sessions do not include Reiki attunements or certificates but do include a full Reiki manual and guided meditation CD or MP3 for your level of Reiki.


For details of what's included at each catch-up level, please refer to the Reiki Attunement pages

The fee for a Reiki Catch-up Session is £50.

This is payable by BACS when you book your session.