Reiki Treatment News...

Due to the current situation, Reiki treatments are being done distantly. Please contact me to book yours.

Reiki therapists will all give treatments slightly differently and every therapist's energy will feel different too. However, broadly speaking, during your Reiki treatment you will be laid upon a comfortable bed or sat on a chair and your Reiki therapist will place their hands either on or just above your body in various positions to allow the energy to flow through them to you.


You won't have to remove any clothing except your shoes and coat for your treatment. During the treatment you will feel relaxed and at peace. You may also feel tingling sensations and your therapist's hands may feel warm or cold in different places.


I am a Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master and therapist/practitioner, and give Reiki treatments here at Rainbows (in Beverley, East Yorkshire). All of my treatments include a short chakra balancing and there is also a full chakra balancing service available.


Treatments take place in a warm, comfortable and safe environment. The calming, peaceful music, soft lighting and soothing aromas combine to create a place where you can completely relax and let go your troubles for a while.


If this sounds good to you, why not contact me and see if a Reiki treatment can help you? Or if you'd like to learn to do Reiki yourself, have a look at our Reiki Attunements page.

The fee for Reiki treatments is £35 for a one-hour appointment.

This is payable by BACS the day before your treatment.