"I walked up the path towards Rainbows and thought; I've really missed coming here. This feels like coming home"


“I would always choose Yvonne. I have had many treatments with many alternative therapists and have found that Yvonne is one that I can relate to, learn from, and above all, trust."

Reiki Treatment

"I’d never had a Reiki treatment before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve had a challenging week at work and I’ve reacted a lot calmer and chilled compared to what I normally would have done. I feel happier in myself also and looking more at the positives in life. I’d like to say thank you."


“It is hard to quantify the help I have received from Yvonne. She has outstanding skills as a coach and meditation teacher. I know I can turn to her for help with both personal and business problems.”


"I feel much more positive as a result of the EFT and I’m sure it will continue.”

Reiki Treatment

"Every Reiki treatment is better than the last!"

Positively Me! Coaching

"I can really feel my life has changed for the better since I started coming here."

Reiki Attunement

"Recently received my Level 2 Attunement from Yvonne. As always it was a wonderful experience and a lovely day. Highly recommend doing attunements through this amazing lady. xoxox"

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