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Due to the current situation, talks are not being run at the moment.

I'll post here as soon as things change. 

Talks and Demonstrations by Yvonne Green

This page lists the current talks and demonstrations available by Yvonne from Rainbows. The talks last for about an hour and are done at your group's regular meeting place.


These talks are suitable for any group. Groups served so far include Women's Institute, Townswomen's Guild, Trefoil Guild, Wives and Friends, Personal and Psychic Development groups, Church groups, Probus, Hull University and many more.


If you're wondering "Where can I find a speaker for our next meeting?" and you're in the Hull or East Yorkshire area, why not contact me and see which talks and dates are currently available?


I look forward to meeting you soon,



Becoming Positively Me!

A fun and enjoyable story which includes life experiences, humour, poetry and more. Once upon a time I believed that it was the 'stars' or the Universe or some 'fate' that controlled my life and all the things that happened in it. This talk tells of my journey from there to here, along the road to becoming 'Positively Me!'


How To Become More Positively Me!

A talk which explains Positively Me! in more detail and motivates you with tips and ideas to show you how you can begin to live life a little more positively.


What Is Reiki Healing And How Can It Help Me?

This informative talk and demonstration explains what Reiki is, how it works and how it can help you. If you're curious about Reiki and want an insight into what happens during a Reiki treatment and if you'd like to experience the wonderful energy of Reiki for yourself, then this is the talk for you. This talk includes a Reiki demonstration (volunteer required).


Tap Your Way To Freedom!

This inspiring talk and demonstration shows how you can use Emotional Freedom Techniques for a wide variety of phobias, ailments and more. EFT uses a gentle tapping motion on the face and upper body to re-align our energy systems and bring peace from the things which are troubling us. This talk includes a demonstration (volunteer required though everyone will tap) and gives EFT exercises, tips and techniques to help you learn, heal and grow.


How Mindfulness Helps Overcome Stress And Anxiety

'Mindfulness' is the current buzzword for people suffering from stress and anxiety, but did you know, it really does work? In this one-hour talk and demonstration, you will learn what mindfulness is, how it works, and how to use it in daily life. This talk includes practical mindfulness meditations and there will be hand-outs to take home to remind you of what we've done and to enable you to be more mindful every day.


Is Meditation Really Magic?

Experience the benefits of meditation for yourself. This talk and demonstration not only explains what meditation is and what benefits you can derive from regular meditation but also shows you different ways to meditate too. If you've never experienced meditation before and are looking for quick and easy ways to relax and refresh, then this is the talk for you. This talk includes practical meditation exercises you can do to relax right now. (All meditations are non-religious.)


Effective Ways To Use Cosmic Ordering and the Law of Attraction

Have you ever tried cosmic ordering? Does the cosmos always grant your wishes? If not, then this talk is for you. Learn why we don't always get what we say we want and learn how to use the Law of Attraction to enhance your ordering! This talk and demonstration includes written exercises, goal setting and more.

The fee for a one-hour talk is £35.

This is payable on the evening of your talk.